Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How To Fix Your Restaurant Guacamole.

Yesterday, my roommate and I went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered queso and guacamole. We had built the event up quite a bit in our minds and were looking forward to a delicious meal.
Bad news. The guac sucked.
It was creamy and fresh, but it savored strongly of onion powder, and lots of it. It had the most bitter taste. And aftertaste.
Just awful.
But this blog is not about the despair of the moment, but of the remedy!
After a few miserable bites, I grabbed the pepper, then the salt. A touch of pepper and a good deal of salt took care of all but the aftertaste. We mixed it around and it healed the poor pitiable dip a good deal.
But the aftertaste still screamed onion powder.
Then, after a moment of gathering our courage, we asked the waitress for some limes. This is where the true operation occurred. I squeezed both limes into the concoction, and soon the guacamole was as delightful as would it have been had I made it myself.