Monday, October 29, 2012



Here's some pictures of me holding things I'm happy about:

1. I am reading this lovely book. Even though I don't exactly have the time to be doing so. It is so worth it. When I was in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, my dad and I went to 2nd & Chalres to glance around and to be friends and I picked out this book to buy. But then He bought it for me. He's a gem.

2. I got mail from the real Zimbabwe!! My BFF Haley lives there. It has a real Zimbabwe stamp and everything. Hales is so good at writing letters in both senses: a) she is great at writing kind words and b) she is very good at handwriting. 

3. I bought this necklace today because I felt like a tiny treat, and it was only $4.99! It has an R on it. And I didn't get it when I was born, but I am TOTALLY pretending I am the 3rd Parker/James triplet. (I do like my oreos and peanut butter.) [It's hard to take a picture of a tiny locket.]

4. This is my cool new phone. No, it doesn't have snake.

5. This is a delicious snack I have been having for lunch these days. It is served warm.

Have a nice night!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alpha Beta Dorcas.

Hey guys!
How are yall doing? I'm well.
I was just thinking about an interesting thing. Last night, I had to interview some of the sophomores who are applying for the LEAD program, part of the honors program at Belmont (the elite part). Anyway, my friends Emily, Daniel, and I were interviewing our friend LT. Which was more like a conversation because we all already know and love her. And she is having a hard time with a decision she is making. Anyway, we started talking about Emily flipping a coin in order to make the same decision, and then it moved to the fact that last year, Emily drew lots to see which immersion trip she should go on for spring break. And we were laughing about it, but it's such a cool thing.
We were talking about how they used to cast lots for everything. And Daniel said that it just came out of complete trust in the sovereignty of God.
And that just kind of blew my mind. I've been thinking about it a lot. (hehehe). But really, what if I had that much confidence in God's sovereignty?

Also, I am going to Texas this weekend! I have never been to that state. I am so excited to see my dear friend Emily's homeland and to spend time with Zeke, who I don't get to spend as much time with lately. Also I think I am going to try to finish The Two Towers. Because I just need to do that in order to be a more complete person.
Additionally, I am registered to vote.

Happy Tuesday Night, World!
Happy Birthday, Heidi! (my roommate)
Keep up the good work. Buy yourself a London Fog at your local coffee shop. Wear an entirely gray outfit. Have soup for lunch. Slip on your favorite socks. Gather that hair into a ponytail. Rest.
These are all things I have done today, and I recommend them.