Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Open Letter to Everyone at JJ's this Morning, January 15th

Hello all,

It is so nice to be able to address you all in this moment that we are sharing. To tell you the truth, this is not the letter I'm meant to be writing. I came here with the intention of writing a missions support letter to ask people that I know to give me money and prayer so that I can go to Kenya.
However, as much as I need to write that letter, I felt the much more pressing need to take a moment to stop and let you all know how I feel.
To the man who was sitting in the corner table--I'm sorry that when you got up to get a refill I stole your table. The truth is the outlet is next to this table and I plan on being here for quite some time. You were quite kind not to make a stir when you saw me sit down. Some future advice: I would just leave your large leather bag at the table when you go to the counter. People will probably not steal it, and if they do, they will have to walk past you to get out of here anyway, and that will be very awkward for them.
To whomever is wearing perfume--I like your perfume. It has a very feminine smell. The only problem is that it smells quite different than my coffee and is completely throwing off my senses. Nonetheless, you are appreciated.
To the pretty Asian lady who found my seventy-five dollar check on the ground and took the time to walk around to every table and ask if the check looked familiar--Thank you. You are a very kind woman, and you did me a huge favor today. Please know that you are beautiful and continue to go out of your way to do such kind things. I will do my best to do so, too.
To the Spanish tutor sitting next to me teaching a young man the language--Your Spanish is beautiful. Thank you for speaking it near to me. The rhythm and the flow and the richness of your words is delicate and musical. I almost want to turn of my music and merely listen to your voice.
To all of you--I genuinely appreciate that I can trust you all not to steal my laptop when I have to go to the restroom. You are a kind people and I am honored to know you.
Also, if you do happen to want to give money to my missions trip that would be great. You can do this at choosetoinvest.org. I hope you have a blessed day; you have blessed mine.

Ponytail Girl in the Back Corner