Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dreams So Crazy Ya Gotta Put 'Em On the Internet.

Warning: this blog is not for little children or for the faint of heart. Really though, if you don't want to hear about a pretty violent dream, stop right here.

Hi! I'm at the beach.
So, ever since school got out I have been having these real crazy dreams, and last night, my dream was particularly adventurous. This is what happened:
For some reason me and my Belmont friends were in some sort of Hunger Games-like situation where we had to kill each other. Oopsie. So I was standing at the sink in my bathroom at school and my roommate Emily was next to me, whom I totally trusted in this competition. And I heard someone sneak up behind me, so I drew my gun and turned around.
But I was too late. My friend Joshua was already there, and he shot me. Right throught the pupil of my eyeball. Crazy stuff. So that was pretty bad, but I really didn't want to die a slow painful death like that so I told him to shoot me again. So he shot me a bunch of times in my stomach. But it didn't really hurt, so I thought, "Well, I'll just go to work at the bookstore and eventually time will take its toll."
So I went to work, and I was restocking the shelves, and I did that for like an hour and I was still fine. So I thought, "Hey, maybe I still have a chance." So I decided to go the hospital. But no one would take me. And I had to keep begging people to take me to the hospital, and finally someone did, and I lived.
The End.

Pretty cool. Sorry if you didn't want to be a part of my crazy dream. I love having dreams like that, mostly because it's like having a crazy pretend life for a minute.
Hey! My friend leaves for Thailand today! He is going there to spread and learn about the glory of God. His name is Robert. Pray for him!