Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rivers & Roads.

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to be rational and friendly and kind when you are in pain? I don't want this to be a complaining time. Because, as we all know, complaining sucks. For everyone involved. But, that said, my stomach hurts. All the time. Every time I eat. This is a bad thing. And, most importantly, it is taking a growing effect on my personality. Ick. There is lots of laying down involved. I have even, dare I say it, been a bit snarky at times. (Can you imagine?)
What I'm saying is: sorry'boutit. But actually, I'm sorry about it.

FACT: One of my favorite things about Emily Snyder, one of my top dudes, is that when we are listening to music she has never heard before, she sings along. It gives me confidence in my soul when she does this. You're probably jealous of me just for knowing her.
So help me, she is the finest thing since packaged fruit.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Space. Space. Space. Space.

Camp starts Tuesday. Boom.
My mind is blown. Swearsies. I'm anxious about camp. Both anxious-nervous and anxious-excited. I used to think I was a really good counselor. Then I think my britches grew. Or something. (The idea is I'm not too big for them anymore.) I just am anxious about whether I'm worthy to be leading these kids. I just keep reminding myself that God's power is made perfect in weakness.
Also, good news, my bench is loaded. Alicia and Hannah are the other two counselors on my team, and they are going to be star players. I'm trying to ready myself for God to do big things in/through us. Want to be praying for our kids? And us? That'd be nice.
Our room is decorated like space, so that's obviously good news. Also, Abraham Lincoln is involved. We're planning on telling the kids he was the first President in space. Gotta give the people what they want.
Did you know they're shutting down NASA? Worst news I ever heard. Apparently we're closing up shop. What would John F. say? Or Buzz? Or Neil? Or Tom Hanks?
Anyway, that's about all I have to say.

"Prophet, Brother, Priest, and King!"
Those are things that Jesus is. Sufjan sings about it in "Get Real, Get Right." If you don't like The Age of Adz, you are wrong. It might be my favorite Sufjan album.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Words Are Just Futile Devices.

"You have left me wordless," he said.
We glanced at each other, suppressing our budding grins. Emily's hands immediately fell to wringing each other, her eyes fixed on the bit of skin between her left thumb and pointer finger. Emily has said herself that she has a high tolerance for awkward, but this moment was getting to even her.
We had just handed over our gifts to Dr. Jonathan Thorndike. They were simply wrapped, a plain ribbon tied around each. We had each offered him two books, beautiful books we knew he would enjoy, and we had each written him a note thanking him for being a beautifully brilliant professor. Dr. Thorndike was our Ancient World professor and is one of the heads of the Honors Program. He signs all of his emails JT and is very, very gesticulate. (Sometimes he gets so excited about an Ancient World subject that he starts bouncing.) Dr. Thorndike was our favorite professor and we just wanted to offer him something to show him how much he meant to us.
The Problem: Emily and Dr. Thorndike are probably tied for the most awkward person on earth. They are both very precious in their awkwardness, but quite awkward just the same. Me, I run from awkward, fast. If i get into an awkward situation, I either just begin talking non stop about Lord-knows-what, or I leave. I'm kind of a person who likes to fix things. I guess my thoughts in an increasingly awkward scenario are: This is awkward. If I start talking really fast and way too much, then maybe all of the awkward will go away. If not, I should leave. Immediately. I hate to ruin the ending, but it doesn't usually work.
So, back to the story. Emily and Dr. Thorndike were sitting, relishing, I suppose, the awkward of the moment. They were in their element, I tell you. Both of them fumbling over sentences, trying to express their mutual gratitude. I just started talking. To be honest, I don't remember what I said, but I was clearly following Option A of the R.M. Kennedy Awkward Survival Guide. (Yes, I italicized that. The joke is that it's a book title. Get it?)
I gushed for a few minutes, and finally realized that it wasn't making anything better. (Surprise!) So, naturally, it was time for Option B. "Well, Emily and I have to get to lunch..." I was saving her from the sinking ship, too. We exchanged a few more muttered "thank you"s and were off.
Emily and I giggled all the way to the caf. Despite the ominous feeling of having, shall we say, less-than-aced our final, we were giddy. We were treating our conversation with Dr. Thorndike as if we were 7th graders who'd just talked to a dreamy boy.
Dr. Thorndike is such a great professor, and that awkwardness is what we love about him. We are honored to have been his students. Now I keep wishing I had stayed in the room for a few more awkward hems and haws.
This is us with Dr. Thorndike at the Parthenon.
Try and tell me he's not great.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Night & Good Luck.

This is a word to/about my church.

Dear Ethos,
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I just want to say that I am the most thankful for Ethos Church. It is a church filled with people that know how to love others well and how to love God well. I have seen His truth demonstrated so much in what Ethos has done and been this semester, and I am going to hate being away for three months. Every week, by Tuesday I start to get a hankering in my gut for Ethos, but I always have to wait a week. A whole summer may be the death of me.
Though you may not read this, thank you, Dave, and thank you, Brandon, for the leadership and truth you provide there. And, thank you church people for your honesty in worship and in prayer and in living for God. You are all beautiful. I am honored to be a part of you and to have been loved by you.
It has been a privilege to love our Lord and Savior with you.

That's it.