Tuesday, February 19, 2013


That's right. I am blogging again, for the second time in one day. What of it?

I decided I needed a list. I needed a list, and I need [you] to know about it. Whoever [you] may be. This list is my Being Becca List. Is there a word for list that starts with a B? Because I love alliteration. That is part of being Becca. I looked list up in the thesaurus. No Bs.
So, I am realizing that I waste a lot of my days. Some days I am listless or tired. Some days I am just lazy. But. I really want to remember this time. And I want this time to have been great. So I am making a list committed to doing me and to making me do me. Please don't make fun of me for how lame this probably is.

Being Becca List.
1. Take pictures. I think I might try to start taking at least one picture a day. So that I can remember.
2. Exercise. This is just because I am not feeling healthy lately, so I want to do better.
3. Blog more. Not for you, silly goose. I like to get my ideas out, and to say a few things, so I am going to start blogging just to say regular things.
4. Pray.

Maybe this is not an amazing list to you. It is not an amazing list to me either. But I think in lists, and lists help me think. And there is that, my friend.
Here's my dinner.

The end.

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