Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday at 4:59 PM.

"Tears will flow, I'll beat myself, but I'm too proud to ever change."
This is from a good song I know. Sometimes it is how I feel about my behavior. I regret things so much, and mourn over what I have done, but I don't so much change or get better.
Not always. Sometimes I do great.
I was just thinking about the times I don't do great whilst listening to this little ditty.
Why is it so hard sometimes to love people that you love so much?
How come the one thing you don't want to say comes out anyway?
How come you convince yourself not to trust people that you want to?
This makes me sound sadder than I am.
I'm actually pretty happy right now, just real tired. Gotta get some sleeps. It's okay. I also need to stop feeling so many feels. But ya know, sometimes there's a lot of feels to feel!
If you want to know more from that song here's some:

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